Thursday, November 21, 2013

Abraham and Donica Shouse

We met Abraham and Donica Shouse when we visited the Big Island, Hawaii in November 2011. They are a very easy and outgoing couple to get to know and quickly grow fond of as they are inspired by stoke and heavily promote it in many aspects of their lives. Prior to meeting them, Coli was a happy passenger on a paddleboard - but after she met Abraham and Donica, she was bitten by the stoke vibe, and with much of their encouragement decided to stand up! Since then - Coli made a pact to move forward, take charge of her condition and promote Stoke!!! 

Coli's first time standing up and paddling

It is truly amazing how sometimes - a little bit of genuine stoke can really go a long way which is why we'd like to share Abraham and Donica's story....

photo from Standup Journal

Abraham: When I first tried paddleboarding, I had only seen it once before, and even though the guy looked pretty wobbly it looked like the best way to travel on the water. I borrowed a 10'6" SoftTop longboard and paddled it into some good sized waves no problem. I probably rode my bike down to Kona Surf Co. a dozen times to borrow that board before I got my first SUP.

Donica: It was the winter of 2007 that I first noticed the paddle boarders showing up along big islands coasts. I was really drawn to how quickly the paddle allows you to move. I instantly fell in LOVE with the view and the leverage from a paddle! It was definitely a challenge but Abraham would always caddy my board and make it as easy as possible for me. It's nice that boards are finally getting small enough to fit under you arm, or at least have a handle.

photo by Sarah Lee

A: A passion for paddling keeping me coming back. Of course I'm always STOKED to be out testing my newest creations. Making functional art is really satisfying. By staying focused on paddle quality and innovation, and with the support of my family and friends, I have been able to develop some of the most unique and exceptional paddles.

D: There are so many different ways to experience SUP. Variety is the spice of life, and the view just gets better and better. For stoke just add water. 

photo by Sarah Lee

A: Mainly I like to paddle into waves and surf. I love to paddle the most crowded circumstances for some reason. Open ocean downwinders are great. SUP is pretty much guaranteed fun anywhere.

D: I like all types of paddling: Recreational, downwinding, racing. I've been trying to branch out more. I love downwinders, and paddling on flat water with kids is super fun too. I do a lot of SUP yoga, but mostly I SUP surf at least every other day.

A: Some of my favorite places that I have discovered are right down the mountain from my house. West side Big Island. Clear water, big channels and calm wind.

D: Pretty much everywhere I go is my new favorite place to paddle because that's how I roll. Honokohau Harbor has it all with a big protected lagoon to explore or anchor for a SUP yoga session before paddling out to perfect waves.

A: It's EASY! Just stand up and see for yourself… you might even go somewhere

D: It's like the Bicycle of the Ocean. Best view around and easier to keep moving.

A: There is a deep connection just under the surface find it. Special thanks to all the companies who've supported us over the years. Organik Hawaii, Imagine Surf, Odina Surf, Kaenon, Rareform, Kona Boys, FuturesSUP, and HawaiianBioAstin.

D: For a custom built paddle and more juicy titbits find us at

Abraham and Donica Shouse

Photo by Sarah Lee


  1. I proposed to my wife in a canoe in 1989 .....We would kayak surf, here in south Florida. Then we spotted an sup in 2007 and have been on board ever since! 4 years ago We opened our guided tour company in Stuart Fl.
    (Coastal PaddleBoarding)! We have placed over 10 clients on board since then. With big asventures on the horizon, we are truly stoked

    1. Wow - thanks for sharing your story - this is awesome!!!!!
      Way to continue spreading the stoke!