Saturday, November 16, 2013

Jesse - Ripped, Fast, and All Smiles!

Jesse is someone that I met at the Surf Expo Trade show. He had a very charismatic and enthusiastic vibe, and we instantly connected. Whether it was nerding out about product, comparing different subtleties between board shapes and paddle profiles, talking about racing, to downright family fun, Jesse is a very easy person to connect with and have a genuine conversation.

Not only is he super ripped from firefighting and race training, he has an amazing attitude about getting people out on the water from all different levels of paddling which is why we'd like you to get to know him, and this is his story:

I first tried paddleboarding around 2008. My whole life I had always surfed and in Florida, paddleboards had just started to pop up. I would head down to the beach with the family and let them play around on the boards and paddle out to the reefs and I slowly started riding them in the small surf. 

It took a few years, but my wife and kids slowly got bit by the SUP bug. Now it has become an activity that the whole family enjoys, whether we are heading down to the Florida Keys or paddling the mangrove trails with some friends. I really enjoy that there are so many different disciplines of paddling to experience; from Surfing, Racing, and “Sunday Fundays”.  I have also had the opportunity to make great friends from all over the country, as well as the world, by being involved in Racing and Trade Shows.

I just like to Paddle, it does not matter where or when as long as I get on the water. I am fortunate that my family enjoys paddling as much as I do, so whether I am Racing or surfing they are always there with me. We travel as a family to races and have developed a pretty nice extended paddle family along the way.

Photo: Katie Elzer-Peters Battle of the Paddle 2013

I really like to paddle in the Florida Keys. We have crystal clear water in South Florida, so it makes it interesting for the kids when they get to see fish, rays ,sharks, dolphins and manatees.  Tahoe, Utah, or pretty much anywhere there is water are in my favorites as well.  Washington State looks pretty nice too, I might know a guy who could show me around some good paddle spots. (we know where you're going with this one, Jesse!)

Paddleboarding is just FUN. I’m not sure how you describe the different aspects to people. You can just coast along and look at nothing but water and be happy, or charge a river in full gear; but it is up to the paddler to decide where their happiness comes from.

I am thankful to my wife and kids for be so supportive of this hobby of mine, and I’m really glad that I have had so many great moments with my family and friends. Thank you to all the people who have helped me get to where I am today and thank you to The Village of Stoke for allowing me to contribute, it has been an honor. (the honor is all ours, Jesse! We love to have an opportunity to get to know our friends better!)

L-R: Maxwell, Brandi, Miranda, Savannah, Jesse

Miranda (18)
Maxwell 14)
Savannah (6)

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  1. Great family. Jesse is an awesome person all around ... just like you, Joel! Thanks for spotlighting Jesse & his enthusiasm!