Saturday, August 1, 2015

Why I Love my Lakeshore Paddle Company Stealth - By Jhacoli Yang

Why I love my lakeshore  paddle  company® Stealth
By jhacoli yang: published July 31, 2015

 I have paddled many boards in my life, never finding one quite right for me.  But, all that changed when I hopped on the Lakeshore Stealth at demo day. I felt something different. I was, for once, going fast by myself. Now, I am an LPC Stealth owner. I can walk it on every inch that has deck pad, exceed my previous speed records, and do pivot turns like you can never imagine. 

My first time on this board at Northwest Paddling Festival 2015

Trying to understand the "feel" of the LPC Stealth

At first glance, the LPC Stealth does not look that fast, in fact, it looks rather subtle. When my dad (Joel Yang) first told me to try it out, my first thought was Really, that thing!? WWWWHHHHYYYYYYYYYY………..but I said ‘Yes’ because I might as well, and it would be polite. But as soon as I stepped on, I knew it was different. Faster and more stable 100 times more than I initially thought. 

I can't believe how fast I'm gliding here
Pivot turning
The LPC Stealth also handles chop amazingly, as with mirror glass, and it can catch small swells, showing versatility.

I was impressed how it handled the chop as easily as the glass – typically it is difficult to find a board that handles both with ease.

Comfortable - fast - manageable

I was surprised at how easy this 12’6 size was to manage for me.  Who wants a kid’s board when you can fly on this thing.

Let's see how this guy handles bumps
Testing out the stability in side chop

Here’s a list of some pros

-Fast - quick acceleration
-Continuous glide *(I cannot believe that this board still glides as Coli Chitterchatters away with me without paddling ~ Joel)
- Smooth tail release
-Scupper holes (quick drainage)
-Unique rocker profile 
(that allows the board to be versatile in multiple conditions) - - this board caught swells so easily and made choppy water super fun to paddle through

Swells!!! --- Let's not waste these!!! C'mon Dad!

Here’s a list of some Cons:

-Limited volume options - will be a challenge to accommodate larger riders
-No deck plugs - (no place for bungee or camera securing)

The LPC Stealth may not look like a flashy race board, but it blew my expectations, completing all the challenges I threw at it ~ way better than I imagined. I give it five stars.

 "I have never seen Coli so comfortable and willing to push past her comfort zone so easily on a board. We'd like to send a huge THANK YOU to Michael Tessier and Sean Adlao from Lakeshore Paddleboard Co for making this happen" ~ Joel Yang

Finding my bliss tickling some weeds after putting the LPC Stealth through the rough water test

The LPC Stealth paired up with the SUP Gladiator Pro is by far my fave setup - it felt the most balanced for me

Hope you enjoyed my review - thanks for reading, Jhacoli


  1. Great review! Just got off the water with my kids and was wondering which board would be best for them to call their own. Although they're still beginners, they're starting to show more interest and having a board that is well suited to the paddling we have in the Pacific Northwest sounds great. Perhaps we can hit up our buds at Urban Surf in Seattle for a demo. Knowing "Coli" and Joel's expertise and experience, we can start ahead of the game. Thanks for the great review!

    1. Glad to know my review is appreciated. Before you invest in anything - always make sure to demo as much as you can because not all boards are equal and everyone will find something special in a different board. The Lakeshore Stealth just so happens to feel special for me - and perhaps they might take off like a rocket on this board too... but things to keep in mind are type of board, width, construction, and cost. Versatility is key and it would bum us out if you ever got a board that collects dust.!! see you on the water soon ~ Stoke-O-Nut

  2. Now I wish I'd jumped on this when I had the chance!!! LOL!!! Makes me want to try it for sure!!! Great review, Coli!!! oxoxox!

    1. Thank you for reading my review - I worked really hard on it and I'm glad you appreciated it! It's never too late to try! Who doesn't like to demo and nerd out on boards!! ~ Stoke-O-Nut