Monday, July 15, 2013

(VIDEO) Welcome to our village!

For some time Joel has been referring to our daughter Jhacoli as the "Ambassador of Stoke", because of her enthusiasm for sharing what she loves with others. She's not the only one: Joel has always loved to share his interests, and has collected a small following on social networking sites, where he posts pictures and commentary about his work, travels and events. That's where this blog comes in - we needed a slightly larger space designed for sharing: family adventures, tips, product reviews, event information, and sneak peaks into Joel's world of design and development. I may even throw in a few recipes for healthy snacks to bring on your next adventure. 

Right now it's summer, and that means Stand Up Paddling! Well, Joel considers this a year-round sport, but for most of us, it's a bit chilly here in the Pacific Northwest for water sports in the winter. Stand Up Paddling is fun and family-friendly, but can also be a challenge and an awesome workout. You can even do Yoga on a board in the water for an extra balancing challenge, although I don't think you'll see Joel trying that! In the weeks following, we're planning to post about local SUP races, Joel's trip to Outdoor Retailer (an outdoor equipment trade show), our family paddle adventure in Mauritius, SUP inflatables, and tandem paddling. We welcome you to join our village! - Maia



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